Wheatgrass – The Elixir of Life

Wheatgrass is a natural healing young grass of the wheat plant. It is a blood purifier, a colon cleanser, an immune system builder and a liver detoxifier.

Many people have reported healing, or prolonged life through the consumption of wheatgrass juice.

Wheatgrass is one of the elixirs of life. There is a long list of ailments that wheatgrass heals or prevents. It detoxifies your body and is a Powerful Anti-Oxidant. Wheatgrass builds up Immunity to serious illness and accelerates healing.

The use of wheatgrass has been traced back to the period of ancient Egyptians, who believed that the grass is sacred to humans as well as animals, with numerous health benefits.

Wheatgrass is one of the elixirs of life

Wheatgrass juice is nature’s finest medicine. It is a powerful concentrated liquid nutrient.   Two ounces of wheatgrass (about 60 ml) juice has the nutritional value equivalent of five pounds of raw organic vegetables

Wheatgrass is a complete source of protein, supplying all of the essential amino acids, and many other essential Vitamins and Minerals. It has the ability to detoxify liver and blood. It helps neutralize toxins and environmental pollutants in the body. Wheatgrass also contains beneficial enzymes that support healthy digestion system and help protect us from carcinogens.  It flushes heavy metals and other toxins that may be stored in the body’s tissues and organs.

Wheatgrass is amongst one of the richest sources of fresh living chlorophyll which has shown to boost liver function, remove toxins from the body and boost immunity. One of the benefits of chlorophyll is that it is similar to a molecule which is a component of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the protein that in human that carries oxygen to the cells. The main difference between chlorophyll and the molecule found in hemoglobin is that while the molecule is based on Iron, chlorophyll is based on Magnesium.

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Experiments carried out on severely anemic rabbits showed that when given chlorophyll they made a rapid return to a normal blood count. In addition to anemia, chlorophyll has been shown to benefit the heart, the lymphatic systems, the vascular system, the intestines, lungs, and thyroid glands. It can also help in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels and helps in lowering blood pressure and blood sugar levels making it useful even for diabetics.

Wheatgrass can be planted indoor or outdoor in land or planting trays and can be consumed in tablets, capsules, liquid extracts or in a form of juice.

Wheatgrass also has incredible antioxidant properties, as well as making your body more alkaline than acidic which makes it far more difficult for cancer cells to grow.  Its alkaline properties lower acidity and help treat and prevent cancer.

Farm animals which are fed with wheat or barley grass which has similar nutrients are found noticeably healthier than non-grass fed.

A study found that Wheatgrass juice, when used along with standard medical care, seemed to help control symptoms of chronic inflammation of the large intestine, a condition called ulcerative colitis.