An old man named Danny McDonald was diagnosed with stomach cancer, and doctors warned him that without undergoing traditional treatments like Chemo and radiation, he’d likely be dead within few months.

Danny refused conventional treatment making the doctors furious. When Danny communicated to his doctors that he has decided to treat himself naturally, the doctors told him that in that case, he would be “dead in a matter of weeks”.

Nothing could change Danny’s decision. He finally decided to go with a natural, nutritional approach. He chose not to suffer from the toxic side-effects of Chemotherapy treatment and instead chose a path to physical healing using Wheatgrass.

( Natural News ) If you could heal your cancer with a few shots of wheatgrass every morning instead of undergoing chemotherapy , would you do it? It may sound crazy, but 74-year-old Danny McDonald from Ireland did just that. 

Mr McDonald after researching a lot on the benefits of Wheatgrass finally decided to go ahead. The more he learned about the benefits of wheatgrass, the more convinced he was that it could help him beat the fatal disease.

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He began his new, healthy regimen by consuming one ounce of juiced wheatgrass every morning taking it up to 7 ounces a day. Danny says that after just a week of taking wheatgrass every day, he noticed that the intense burning sensation he felt on his side had disappeared. This prompted him to stop taking his prescription medication, and he hasn’t gone back to it since. After a whole month of consuming wheatgrass, his pain had finally subsided.

With his pain finally gone, Danny was sure that he was on the right path to curing his cancer. And after surviving so many years beyond what any conventional professional could have guessed, it’s hard not to believe in the cancer-fighting superfood ‘Wheatgrass’.

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“I know a lot of doctors think wheatgrass doesn’t have the qualities to kill cancer, but I am living proof that it does,” Danny McDonald

This is just one of the thousands of stories about people who have taken a similar path towards natural healing. People don’t realise that there are numerous natural cancer-fighting compounds that Mother Nature has gifted us and ‘Wheatgrass’ – The Richest Source of Chlorophyll is amongst one of them.